Willie Howard - Owner of Denmark Appliance Repair

Willie Howard | Founder & Head Technician

About Denmark Appliance Repair

Wille Howard started as an appliance technician for Sears and was quickly awarded as one of the top three appliance repair technicians in the nation. His passion for high-quality appliance repair and customer service led him to start Denmark Appliance Repair.

Mission Statement

We believe in providing quality service to our customers.

Core Values


We believe in collaborating as a team to get work done faster.


We believe that each individual has the ability to be a positive contributor to service, communication, and goals.


Honesty is of utmost importance to us. Proverbs 2:21 "For the upright will inhabit the land, and those with integrity will remain in it." We believe that customers want companies that they can trust.

Service Culture

We are intentional about making our services a positive and memorable experience.

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